Monday, August 15, 2011

Hershey Park Vacation

Our small town family traveled a long, long, way to the big time fun Hershey Park, PA.  It was a great time.  I definitely recommend it for families of all ages!!  Here's one of the top ten scariest roller coasters in the world, the Fahrenheit.
It goes straight up, then straight down, and on to more sideways loops. You will not find The Queen Mama riding this or any other ride!  However, Big Daddy, The Champ, and The Rockstar rode it while Queen Mama waited with a huge knot in her chest! What happens to us when we become mothers?  My sense of adventure is not gone, but my senses want me to stay on the ground!

Luckily, Hershey Park has a Boardwalk area with lots of water fun.

Here's Little Big Man and Miss B posing after some water fun! This is more The Queen Mama's speed!
Note Little Big Man is tickling Princess Miss B to get her to smile pretty for the camera! There is a wave pool that is a few feet deep with a slide and mini water slides for the little kids, and big water slides for the big kids and adults.  All surrounded by lounge chairs, lockers and lots of eating areas!

The Big Boys were good sports by riding rides that Little Big Man could.  Here's The Champ cheesing it up for Queen Mama on The Howler.
The Rock Star didn't want to ride this with Little Big Man, but he ended up having a blast!!  It went up so high-Queen Mama was again ready to have a heart attack!
How neat is this?! This is the Milton Hershey School which you can see from the park.

Hershey Park also has a zoo that is FREE admission when entered through the park.  Take advantage of their meal deal and game ticket packages that you can buy at guest services to help save money.  We had a wonderful family vacation! After Hershey Park, we visited Gettysburg.  Look for some great pics in my next post!
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The Queen Mama

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