Our Story

We are a big family (by some people's standards) with Me, my DH, and 6 children~three awesome bio sons, our beautiful daughter who we adopted through foster care, and 2 precious little sweetheart foster girls-7 months (who we picked up straight from the hospital), and a 2 1/2 year old who has been with us a couple of months.  Our older daughter was 4 months old when she came to our home and stole our hearts!  We are still foster -pre-adoptive parents and are hoping to be a forever family for at least 2 more little girls.  We have had 6 additional  foster children come to our home in the past 3 years but all only for a few days or weeks. They all went either back home or with relatives.  Though heartbreaking for us, we are happy for families to stay together, and we have faith that God is all knowing and is with these children wherever they are.  We pray for our current foster children and their birth families.  We are always willing to be a forever family for our foster children, but only God knows, and time will tell where they are supposed to be.

We have been praying about our adoption journey, and are faithful that God will send us the children who need us the most.  Experiencing the blessing of adoption, and the deep, faith-driven desire to adopt again, our prayers are with all of the waiting children and families who are waiting to adopt them.     People always ask us why we foster?  Our answer is ALWAYS "Why not?"  These children need stable supportive homes!  Perhaps our little piece of the web will inspire some of you to start your own foster or adoptive journey!  But, if you don't, that's fine, and we want  you to look around our blog and enjoy our small town life!

You can read more about our foster adoption joureny at www.fosteradoptionmommy.blogspot.com

Now, more about our small town!
We live in a small town, which I shall not name to remain anonymous, that is .8 square miles big.  There are about 2,000 people that live here give or take a few.  We have 2 stop lights, a railroad track and a creek that runs right across the main street through town. (The creek runs under it via bridge, of course!) We do have a much larger suburbian area about 15 minutes away, but we are also surrounded by two other very small towns.  

Our town is quaint with a mixture of house styles~large Victorian homes sit amongst small ranch homes.  You will find craftsman style homes and some even newly built homes.    Our 103 yr old home is high on a hill, and We have a great view of the cows in the field at the farm over yonder, and of a lot of the homes on this side of town.  Some of the older Victorian homes I would love to rescue if I had the money! I love history and especially older homes and architecture.
 Our town has the basics-a market for groceries, 2 banks, a post office and a gas station.  A couple of antique shops and churches and bars round out the place.  We are lucky enough to have a town park and swimming pool. Small, but it gets ya wet!

Everyone knows everyone in our town.  We have been here 10 years, but are still considered "new folk".  Families have lived here for generations, many children buying homes on the same street they grew up on  when they are adults.   I love to hear the neighbors tell us about who used to live in what house.

We are very busy here in our small town.  We are a sports family (with 3 boys what did  I expect?)...baseball, football, ball hockey, basketball...and our Little Miss B is in dance and cheerleading. (Yes, even at her young age-I finally got a girl and am not missing out on anything "girly"!  And, most importantly, she LOVES it!)

Well, enough of my ramblings.  Thank you so much for visiting our family and our small town.  I love a good flea market or yard sale deal, crafts, and decorating.  I'll be posting some of those things as well as recipes, frugal living tips, and pictures of the good old small town country life.  Drop me a note..I'd love to hear from you...

By the Grace of God Go I,

The Queen Mama