Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Check Out My Estate Sale Goodies

I participated in a local estate sale auction online.  I got two boxes full of linens, and these are just two of my favorite finds.  An adorable vintage sheer yellow apron (looks like it was never used), and an antique embroidered linen from China with the tag still on.  What do I do with these?  Well, I love to use my favorites for my mom's group gatherings or family holidays.  Some I sell on Ebay, and others I am planning on using in making items to sell on Etsy! (I always talk a good game, but getting it done is another story!)
This is another flea market find. I turned it into a soy candle with a vanilla scent.  I eventually want to sell these on Etsy also.  I just need to get organized!

Recipe for a Happy Marriage

Many people ask how my husband and I have achieved a relatively low key, happy marriage of 15 years.  Here's my simple recipe:
God + Love + Laughter =Happily Ever After.   Here are some more of my favorite "marriage" sayings-some I find humorous as well as helpful-not sure who wrote them:
A Happy Wife means a Happy Life.  If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.  The marriage that prays together, stays together.  (You can substitute family for marriage as well.)
EVERY WISE woman builds her house, but the foolish one tears it down with her own hands. – Proverbs 14:1 May God Bless You and Your Marriage,
The Queen Mama

Are You Ready for Some Football?

It's Football Season in our town!  The younger boys started a few weeks ago.  It's The Rockstar's 6th year playing, and Little Big Man's first.  It's a huge commitment for our family (for anyone's family for that matter), as practice is 5 nights a week and a game on the weekend.  What we do for our kids!!

Old Houses I'd Love to Rescue

These are  pictures I snapped from the car on the way home from our vacation.  I have a soft spot for old houses.  I think I must have lived in the Colonial and Victorian eras in a former life!  When I look at these houses, I wonder about the first inhabitants, what they looked like, what type of life they lived, what were their daily joys and struggles?  What did the house look like?  Who abandoned them and why?  I wish I could save them all!  Anyway, here you go..Enjoy!  Love, Queen Mama 

Baby Pangs

I felt compelled to post today because Big Daddy is tired of hearing me tell him over and over!  I am having major baby pangs!  Not necessarily newborn baby pangs, but just longing for more little ones to love.  Maybe it's the pangs of little ones in the system I am feeling, that need a forever family.  At any rate, I am so anxious and the wait has been over a year.  If you read my Our Family page, you will learn more about our adoption journey.  Well, thanks for listening!  I'm going to continue praying, and I appreciate your prayers as well!  May you be blessed, The Queen Mama