Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Big Family Says Hello!

Well friends, it's been 2 years since we've chatted.  Two years!!! We did our big move to our new home, and I've been crazy-busy ever since!  The best news is, that one month after we moved into our new home, we officially adopted our baby foster child I had written about previously!  She was not quite two years old, and now will be four in a few weeks!  So that makes 5 kiddos for this family!  We are done fostering for now, as these 5 keep us very busy and on our toes!

Also, 5 is the number of passengers (plus 2 more with me and my husband) that fit comfortably in our minivan.  I love my van as it has so much storage space, even with all the kids!  The very back has a very deep compartment for groceries or sports equipment, but especially my stroller!  What would I do without my stroller? Our 3 year old  rides in her stroller on our morning walks, at the park, and in the store.  (No cart for this 3 year old-she won't stay in it!)

So, since we haven't chatted in awhile, I will update you on the family!  Our oldest is a freshman in college! He loves it-Mama not so much as I miss him terribly and am still trying to adjust to him not being home all the time.  We have a junior, a middle schooler, an elementary and a preschooler.  Time goes so quickly, I am just trying to make myself stop and focus on each day, each moment, and get back to things I truly enjoy-like my blogging!  So, more to come on our new home, our small town, and our Big Family soon!
Take Care,
The Queen Mama
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