Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Small Town 4th of July Traditions!

Fresh corn from our local farm just a few blocks away!

I hope you are enjoying your July 4th Celebrations!  Big family celebrated with just us today and our two foster children, ages 7 months and 2, both girls. It was so hot, we spent most of the day inside just watching movies.   The two little ones are in bed, and Big Daddy took the other 4 kids to the fireworks in our neighboring small town.  So, I thought I would share a favorite July 4th Big Family traditional meal with you.  This tradition comes from my husband's side of the family, and has been passed down for at least 6 generations! Corn on the Cob smothered in homemade Elderberry Jelly on bread.

The Elderberry Jelly was a gift from my wonderful Mother-in-Law.

So here's how you do it~Start by buttering a piece of white bread, and spreading with Elderberry jelly.  Then wrap the bread around the ear of corn, and rub up and down, turning the corn so all sides are covered.  Yes, that looks like ketchup on the corn, but it's really Elderberry jelly!

Then, you dig in!  The Rock Star eating his Elderberry Jelly Corn-on-the-Cob. My husband's Grandmama says that the bitterness of the Elderberry Jelly brings out the sweetness of the corn.  I thought they were all crazy when I first saw them eat this 16 years ago!

Don't forget to eat the bread! 
I love family traditions!  So thankful for the many blessings and freedoms we have!