Monday, August 15, 2011

Are There Ghosts in Gettysburg?

The Rockstar was adamant about going on a Ghost Hunt while we were in Gettysburg.  It was planned for our last night, but the weather forecasted storms.  We told him we were not going to go, but he was crushed.  So Big Daddy took him on a last minute tour at 11 pm.  The Champ had no interest in going, so he and the Queen Mama and the  little ones stayed at the hotel.  It wasn't a ghost hunt, but it was a ghost walking tour of the town.  Big Daddy is pretty much a skeptic, but changed his mind after the tour.  He swore he saw a curtain move in one of the upper windows of a building (the tour guide told him it was a documented haunted spot).  They were encouraged to snap pictures everywhere and look at them later.  That orbs and different lights were usually ghosts.  So, they snapped away.  Not sure if they saw ghosts or not.  You can decide for yourself!
Note the large round "orb" to the left of the reenactor.  Rockstar on Right. This used to be a riverbed where the wounded soldiers would wash their wounds.  The guide said it flooded after a sudden downpour and many soldiers died there.
My son insists there are faces in this odd red light. Hmmm.
Big Daddy swears he saw the curtain be pulled back in the top left window.  It's too dark for me to see anything.  Well, if there are ghosts in Gettysburg, I hope they were believers, and find their final resting place soon!

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