Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Gettysburg Vacation

The Rockstar and I are huge history buffs!  We had a blast in Gettysburg!  I think everyone else did too, except for Princess B ~ she doesn't like long car rides, and so was not impressed with the audio car tour we took through the battlefields. (She let us know this by screaming for about an hour straight!)  Anyway, we were able to get some great pics.  Below was our first stop-the Battlefield Tour Center.  We had our pic taken with President Lincoln!
Did I mention it was about 110 degree heat index?  The kids were like, Mama, really? P.S.-Thank you to the kind stranger who offered to take our picture.  Who knows~maybe she's reading this!

We saw some really great monuments, houses and barns that were actual sites of battle, and the civil war soldiers' cemetery.  There are so many unknown soldiers buried there.  It was quite touching and humbling to see.  The following pictures depict all of the above.  Note in the second picture the cannonball hole in the top of the barn wall.
Below is the monument of the Eternal Flame.  It burns atop the monument 24/7.
Rows and rows and rows of unknown soldiers! 

 Above is an unknown soldier-buried 979th in a row. Below are rows upon rows of unknowns.
I love this pic of Bid Daddy, my Navy Veteran husband, solemnly reading a tribute with Little Big Man on his back.  It was so hot, and too much walking for him! We take every opportunity to teach our children about patriotism~hope he remembers this trip!  I love you Big Daddy!!

Hopefully you and your family will get to see Gettysburg someday.  A truly wonderful history lesson!
Blessings to you and yours,
The Queen Mama

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