Friday, July 8, 2011

I Only Got on Base Once, Mom!

We may live in a small town, but baseball is a big thing around here! LittleBigMan had his first baseball game tonight for the 7 yr old All Star team.  He was so upset that he only got on base once.  He hit the ball every time, but got out at first the rest.  Mama told him not to worry, that he would do better tomorrow.   Now let me tell you, this type of thing just does not sit easy with the men in my family.  They are all fierce competitors, whether it be who finishes their breakfast first to who walks out the door first.  After sulking for a few minutes, he decided he wanted Mama to take a picture of him in his new uniform, and "Will you please put it on that blog thing you're doing?!"  So, to make my favorite 7 yr old happy,  here he is everyone, dirty face and all!

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