Sunday, May 20, 2012

Moving Schmoving. I'm Close to Giving Up!

A beautiful weekend spent running around like chickens with our heads cut off.  I feel like we are getting nowhere fast.  A storage unit almost full and it seems like the house is nowhere near being ready to list.  With two mini tornadoes, two teenage boys, and an infant living here, it seems like every time we are finally making progress, another mess is made somewhere else.  OR we have to stop to run to baseball games or dance class.  Taking care of the baby (Whom I absolutely LOVE and wouldn't trade for ANYTHING) makes spare time a hot commodity in this house. I am so ready to give up and just stay put.   I'm NOT complaining.  Okay, I AM complaining, but truly, my family and their needs/activities come first. AND, I am happy to be able to do those things for them. The house will get on the market eventually, though probably not in the prime selling season.
  The most productive thing I got done this weekend was planting half of my annuals in the front of the house.  The flowers for the backyard will have to wait.  We also bought new bicycles for The Champ (birthday present) and The Rock Star(desperately needed a new bike-was riding the Champ's old one for the past  years.), bought the Princess and Sweet Pea a kiddie pool, and promised Little Big Man a new bicycle helmet he had been wanting. (The store was out of the design he wanted, so Queen Mama told him she would order it.)

Well, I hope you enjoyed your weekend!
The Queen Mama

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