Monday, May 7, 2012

Even More Beautiful Old Fashioned Houses from My Small Town

I think I was born in a different era.  The Colonial or Victorian era.  The architecture of "period" homes just calls out to me when I drive by.  I always think of the families that lived in them in their "heyday", when they were first built.  How glorious they must have been, especially the Victorian homes, as homes were decorated with such rich fabrics, wallpaper, and ornate furniture!
I absolutely love this house!  The Champ so kindly took the picture out of our car window for me, but apologized for getting the wrong angle (with the tree hiding my favorite window on the house).  Of course, I told him it was fine-to have an almost 15 year old boy interested in and excited to help Mama take pictures of old houses for her blog was more than I could ask!)  So, he insisted we drive by another day and let him get a better picture, so look for it in a future post!

This was a hard picture to get, driving down the road.  This is a wonderful Victorian home that sits high on a hill with a beautiful barn on the property.  I so love this house, because my dream is to purchase a farm where I can hold weddings/wedding showers, parties, etc. in the barn, and have an outbuilding for an antique shop, and Big Daddy wants to have his own baseball field.  Dream on Queen Mama, dream on!

Look at this adorable playhouse I found online at Sams Club.  If we move to a home with a bigger yard, this is one of my dreams for my little Princesses also!  Blessings, my dear readers!

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