Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Help! I Think I'm a Hoarder!

We are still in the process of moving unnecessary items to a storage locker before we list our house for sale.  Actually, we already filled up a 10 x 10 storage, and had to move everything from it to a bigger 10 x 25 storage unit.  Thank goodness Big Daddy has a wonderful sense of humor and is a good organizer.  He insists I'm a hoarder.  I insist I'm not....but after seeing all of our "stuff", and knowing we still have more "stuff" to put in it...well, okay, maybe an organized hoarder.  Really, a lot of it is clothing.  With a big family, I save the kiddos' clothing to be passed down to the younger ones to save money.  But, I'm really not saving money now that I have to pay for storage.  Hope it's a good motivator to get this house ready to sell!


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