Monday, March 5, 2012

Kid Sleepovers~Why Do We Torture Ourselves?

Well, The Rock Star had a sleepover last night for his 13th birthday.  The Champ went to a friend's house for a sleepover, so that left us with 7 tween/teenage boys, one Little Big Man who thought he should be able to hang out with the tween/teenage boys, one Little Princess who thinks she is a boy and didn't understand why she couldn't hang out with them (and showed us by kicking, screaming, and crying), and one sweet baby who didn't like all the noise from the tween/teenage boys, Little Big Man, and the screaming Princess.

We tried to talk The Rock Star out of having a sleepover for exactly those reasons, but he wouldn't waiver.  We offered a skating party, bowling party, laser tag party, shopping, turning our attic into his own bedroom, BUT all to no avail.  Nope, he was bound and determined to have a sleepover.  "Mom, it's the only thing that will make me happy, and you said you just wanted me to be happy, and I could choose anything for my birthday party."

Which is why I had to laugh when a half hour after the party started, he came upstairs and said "Mom, can I open my presents now?"  NO, I said.  We do that later when it's time for cake.  "But MOM, everyone is kind of wild and they don't want to play video games, and Little Big Man and Little Princess won't leave us alone, and I need something for everyone to do to calm them down!"  After that statement, as I was beaming with pride that I actually instilled my dislike of loud, wild acting children into my teenage son, I let him open his presents.  Of course I had to add, "Do you see why we didn't want you to have a sleepover?"  Yes, Mom.....

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