Friday, March 9, 2012

The Champ Didn't Make the Team

The Champ didn't make his high school baseball team, along with 39 other kids.  He's disappointed but not too upset, thank goodness.  Baseball is his life, though, and I'm wondering if he's not hiding his feelings from us. This is our son who we have carted and flown to 7 different states to play in tournaments on super competitive teams that he had to try out for.   55 kids tried out.  Seems crazy to me.  Why not make two teams or separate grades? We know most of the kids from him playing in this area since he was 4.  Some great kids on team.  However, have been told about 7 out of the 16 made it because of sports "politics".   Oh well, who am I to say?  Just a protective Mama Bear who can't stand to see her son suffer. How to deal with these kinds of things are not in the baby books.
So, I made him a special dinner and apple pie and ice cream, and let him play his favorite video game that I despise.  These teenage years can be heart wrenching!
The Queen Mama

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